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Just me.

Just me.

Monday, 31 December 2012

"Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love."

                                  Happy New Year to all!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recently, I've been thinking about all those unnecessary 'howareyous' with no space for answering and (equally common) 'extremelywelling' of every so-so. Because I don't want to shatter words' illusion about their meaning, I won't ask anything unless I want to know.
To change the topic, I'm sharing my poem written a few hours ago.

You don't understand
My tomorrow's already happened
And there won't be any replacement

My tomorrow joyfully pulsates in my veins
And loves telling stories of what it was

I like 
its round shape filling my breath tightly
its vibrant colours calling for vigorous dusting every day
its tranquil voice singing a lullaby
when I can't fall asleep

Its flame's too cold to be felt or noticed
but it's still burning my weary hands

Check this lovely oldie out!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

My friend's growing a maple tree 
on her arm
Every day it's expanding

Its branches are mounting  
almost reaching her elbow

Look! This budding twig
is still bleeding
But the leaves have fallen

                                                             Just listen to this

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

You smiled at me from the sky
And I heard your laughter
in the poem I've just read
(about forgiveness)

Brushing the darkest eye shadow
gently over my eyelids,
I'm painting your face over mine

It isn't subtle
It isn't delicate

It's obvious

         like remembering you

                                                    Listen to this brilliant song

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to All!
Thank everyone and tell them how much you appreciate them.Tomorrow may be too late, “Let us hurry to love people; they depart so quickly!”. And don't forget to contact those who may feel lonely, sad, forgotten or unappreciated at this time. Spread your love around! Merry Christmas!

Check out My Christmas Song

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My new poem about choosing between losing your sight or hearing. Pretty easy choice for me, but what would you choose?

Oh, there is so much music
in Silence
She's my friend. She is.
I can hear
the emptiness of your words
the shallows of my smiles
all sounds of this clutter and
the Big Unnecessary of my existence

But to lose sight?

Life is about light
Life is about colours
Life is about moving away form darkness
seeing my mother's ageing face.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

I must start cleaning my house, but because it (the house, not house cleaning) always reflects how I feel, I can't do it just yet. Instead, I'm posting my new poem. Or two poems. Wallowing in my little sorrow? Maybe, but expressing it is really letting it go. Well, let's see.

I'll have to slice this sorrow
No, no, no, no! I'll dice it

Its blood is sticky and so freshly warm
you can smell it

There is no grace in its dance
No music in its voice
I look away and



Under this layer of smile
Sleeps a thickness of sadness
punched with

the joy of your youth

the peace of my ageing


this big hole of nothingness

Listen to this