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Just me.

Just me.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recently, I've been thinking about all those unnecessary 'howareyous' with no space for answering and (equally common) 'extremelywelling' of every so-so. Because I don't want to shatter words' illusion about their meaning, I won't ask anything unless I want to know.
To change the topic, I'm sharing my poem written a few hours ago.

You don't understand
My tomorrow's already happened
And there won't be any replacement

My tomorrow joyfully pulsates in my veins
And loves telling stories of what it was

I like 
its round shape filling my breath tightly
its vibrant colours calling for vigorous dusting every day
its tranquil voice singing a lullaby
when I can't fall asleep

Its flame's too cold to be felt or noticed
but it's still burning my weary hands

Check this lovely oldie out!