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Just me.

Just me.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I've been interested in silence for a while and I think it's hardly ever empty. Of course, it happens, but looking at people's actions and behaviour (people's meaning 'ours' as I'm not distancing myself from anything), it's pretty easy to conclude that there are so many kinds and meanings of silence far more important than words. I believe my inspiration was Pinter's "Old Times" (a lovely play, to my mind, but not amazing), which I'm going to see this weekend in his theatre. Also, you truly see so much more when you take photos of people (in a way, it makes you a voyeur in 'real' life), so you'd better beware: I'm watching you and your silence!

Multicoloured Silence

You are my silence
expressed through
your pause and stillness

I am
the unexpected gap
that confuses and enlightens you

You are
the painful and remote boundlessness 
always returning to haunt me
when I try to fall asleep

I am
your oppressive nakedness
louder than the words
you use to cover it

You are
the power and frailty of my perception
bursting with your reckoning and my indecision

I am
quietly intense and undeterred you
behind the vibrant and vivacious
wall of our silence

I've been listening to this oldie quite a lot today and - remembering the lyrics so well -  I wasn't able to remain silent at all. Poor neighbours! Bless them. Oh, and I think that SO'C is the most beautiful woman in the world (in this video, not now, of course).