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Just me.

Just me.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Today, I went for a walk imagining my mum thinking about her mum.

She knows well she hasn't grown
to be owned
She doesn't crave to belong
And so
She walks
She walks to the edge of the world
to watch the sun
touching the lake

               She dances with the wind
               above her
               behind her
               about her
                                 She is the only witness to
                                 the drop of sorrowed sounds
                                 the fall of jewelled lacrima of the clouds
                                 hitting the ground

The flat, expressionless sky
teaches her that
'More than half the stars
in the universe
are orphan-stars (...).
And they give off more light than
all the constellation stars.'
And she walks to the end of the Road to You, Mother,
with joy.

In the last stanza, I quoted John Berger, of course, who - I think - is now in heaven, so the sky makes sense to me and his words are taken from his essay Impertinence