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Just me.

Just me.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

South Wales Project

I'm well-travelled, but - some time ago - I decided to promote two countires that I love: Poland and Wales. Here are some photos from one of them. All were taken with my mobile phone.
If you like quality, view them here (+ a few more):

Saturday, 20 May 2017


My sister can't stand this photo. She asked me to delete it from Facebook and I acquiesced (not my standard reaction). She says her daughter looks like a child from a horror film. I love it, though, and my niece's stare. Also, I've got her (my sister's) permission to post it on here and on Instagram, so I'm not being naughty. 
Model: My Niece
Photo and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska

From My Walk

Published last Wednesday:

Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Few Freckles on Her Beautiful Nose

Model: My Niece
Photo and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska (

Perhaps completely unrelated to what you can see here is that I've recently started watching Black Mirror (I'm only saying this now because I just feel like it). It made me think about all the times I said 'You're only human!' to make someone feel better. 

From Our Walk Yesterday

It was all about tree climbing, talking to the horse we met, running through the meadow we know from last year and singing to the grass... 
Model: My Niece
Photo and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska (

Something Different

Model: My Niece
Photo and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska (

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ella and the Colour Red

So here's the portrait of Ella that I really like and a few words from a fascinating book on colours. And, yes, I love red.

Model: Ella 
Photo, concept and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska (

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter to You

I absolutely love this photograph of Olivia, so I'm posting it here to complement my wishes.
May this year's Easter bring you love, joy and a lot of peace. Try to see good and beauty in every situation, surround yourself with lovely sounds, words and views, breathe them all in, and live.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Heaven's Here

Two photographs published today (the title has nothing to do with it). Higher resolution here.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Published Today

This is the picture of the horse I met some time ago during one my evening walks.
You can view it here (or here) in higher resolution. Also, it got selected for 'best of', so have a look: if you have nothing better to do.

I've been rereading Krishnamurti's  Freedom from the Known (I read this book when I was 19 and I can recall frantically underlining almost every sentence in it). I still think that it's a wonderful book and that the way he distinguishes joy from pleasure is just mind-blowing. Read it. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fall in the Light

Model: Natalia Sergeeva 
Art Director: Anka Zhuravleva arts 
Photo and edit: Photography by Ela Frączkowska    (

In his letter to John Christie from 2 March 1998, John Berger talks about this very strong feeling that he received as soon as he saw one of the two photographs John Christie sent him. Yes, the feeling he received (as it - the feeling - was in the picture). It wasn't a question of interpretation... Then, referring to what his friend wrote to him, he mentions the fact the in small things delight is intense.

Happy Mother's Day! In Poland, we celebrate it on 26 May (two months to go), but I'll be flying there much sooner just to see My Mum on her birthday (and to feel that intense delight many of you may be experiencing today).

Monday, 20 March 2017

'My' Tree

This is my mobile phone picture of the very tree that fascinates me every time   I see it.  It's just been published here: (or here).

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Today Was a Good Day

Two good things related to my post from 5 March tonight...

Firstly, one of the photos from that post got published today (here's a link to it, but you can view it below, too).
Secondly, I had the most bizarre 2-min chat with my friend Ben in the afternoon. Here's what happened (this is only an approximation, of course).

- You know that poem by Berger that you posted on your blog? It's absolutely beautiful! It's exquisite. - What Berger's poem are you on about? - You know that recent post with a few pictures from your walk? You said you quoted Berger... - Oh... Oh! Oh, that's my poem. The only bit by Berger is in the last stanza where the quotation marks are.

I'm not greedy for compliments (most of the time, I - honestly - don't like them), but it just doesn't get any better than that if you love Berger the way I do. Ben, you're unbeatable.

Monday, 13 March 2017

My Way

I took these photographs during my walk in Poland when I last visited it.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Today, I went for a walk imagining my mum thinking about her mum.

She knows well she hasn't grown
to be owned
She doesn't crave to belong
And so
She walks
She walks to the edge of the world
to watch the sun
touching the lake

               She dances with the wind
               above her
               behind her
               about her
                                 She is the only witness to
                                 the drop of sorrowed sounds
                                 the fall of jewelled lacrima of the clouds
                                 hitting the ground

The flat, expressionless sky
teaches her that
'More than half the stars
in the universe
are orphan-stars (...).
And they give off more light than
all the constellation stars.'
And she walks to the end of the Road to You, Mother,
with joy.

In the last stanza, I quoted John Berger, of course, who - I think - is now in heaven, so the sky makes sense to me and his words are taken from his essay Impertinence

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New Publications

Two photos I took last Saturday in my amazingly beautiful hometown have just been published. One is here, but if you'd like to see the other one, check out my portfolio:

Monday, 27 February 2017

Published Today

The photos of My Babcia from my previous post have been published today.

To view them, visit my portfolio here: (the ones from today are here and here)

Sunday, 19 February 2017


This is about My Mother.

And when I lay my head down
on your pillow,
I know that I'll sleep well,
believing that Heaven's for letting
or that we've never left Zion.

The Land of Tenderness
will welcome me at dawn.
             With no urgency,
             you'll, softly, look
into my heart to
remind me
life needs to be
thought about,
just like a happy death
that will meet us 
when we shut the windows
of vanishing tomorrows.